eating in


about a year ago, i read this book titled “the art of eating in” by Cathy Erway.  the author challenged herself to learn to cook and eat IN while living in New York City for a year…if i remember correctly.  one of her main reasons for doing so involved being on a tight budget and needing to avoid spending her entire paycheck on eating out.  seems like a very valid reason to me.  however, there are other reasons to shift towards cooking and eating IN versus daily eating OUT.  i never understood choosing to eat in all the time when there were so many restaurants to patronize!  for me, the custom of cooking and eating in began out of a need to avoid certain foods, stay within the grocery budget, relieve stress during college, and to ensure we were eating locally and seasonally.  thanks to the team at abundant harvest organics, the million food bloggers around the world, a little kitchen, and a little of time…i think i now prefer eating IN versus eating OUT…for most of the time anyways:)  

here are a few of the seasonal recipes we’ve created and enjoyed lately!

Lemon-Mustard Vinegarette – a super simple salad dressing to use on the endless heads of red leaf lettuce we keep receiving in our csa box!  i used it on a simple salad with artichoke hearts and pomegrante seeds.  you’ll find the recipe here

Homemade Green Apple Applesauce – i love apples…they might be my overall favorite fruit.  jake, my husband, hates fresh apples…my point being that when we have a lot of fresh apples chilling at our place, i can’t quite keep up with them on my own.  this recipe was SO easy and we both were able to enjoy.  the perfect fall snack.  you’ll find the recipe here.  

Roasted Acorn Squash – my favorite of this past week!  simply the plain, roasted flesh of the squash tasted so much better than any acorn squash i have ever had.  just a warning…you may not have the same experience if you use a non-organic, non-local, non-seasonal squash.  i used olive oil in place of butter.  try this recipe here.

Slow-Cooker Vegetarian Chili with Sweet Potatoes – sweet potatoes and dark chocolate are my two favorite foods.  this is one of those slow-cooker recipes that is simple and many ingredients are not too difficult to find.  i have used crushed tomatoes versus diced both times, making it and it makes for more of a tomato bean sauce but still delicious.  nothing better than coming home to the smell of dinner and not having to do any prep on a cold day!  found the recipe from real simple here.  

Double Chocolate Cakies – i’ll make this the last one for today.  my mom had this awesome recipe for banana chocolate chip muffins.  we’d make them with semi-sweet chocolate chips… they were so moist and a perfect combo of chocolate and banana.  i even used the recipe for my fat replacement project in college.  being gluten-free and doing my best to avoid processed sugar…i have finally found an excellent subsitute in this recipe!!!  fresh out of the oven or warmed up enough for the chips to melt is the best.  i leave out the cinnamon.  you will not believe there’s no added sugar in these things.  you’ll find the recipe here

i need to get better with the food pictures, but none that i have correlate with the recipes above!


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